A friend of mine started a project that revolved around what adults wanted to be when they were kids. From ninja astronauts to water park owner, there were some pretty fantastic answers. To be honest, I can't remember anything before artist. Which brings me to today.

Along with my wife and two cats, I’m a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana where I work (Art Director) and live (Artist). Designing by day. Makin’ art by night.

My background is crowded with fine art and design, so my artwork is a happy marriage between the two. From piece to piece, the work might stray further to one side or the other, but never too far.

I hope you like what you see while you’re visiting. Maybe share something with a friend to help spread my work around. Maybe hang something of mine on your wall. There is honestly nothing more flattering.

- Jason

If you're interested in commissioning something specific, licensing, distributing my artwork or just have a general comment or question, fill out the form below. I'd be happy to get in touch.

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